Frequently Asked Questions

goGourmet is a Meal Kit delivery service that allows you to prepare gourmet meals from fresh and quality ingredients without the hassle of going to the grocery, buying ingredients more than you need or tediously preparing and measuring them.

You may choose from a variety of Everyday Meal Kits and School baon Meal Kits. The Everyday Meal Kits are curated recipes from different cuisines that may be high-fiber, low-cholesterol, low-purine, low-salt, and low-calorie dishes. The School baon Meal Kits are everyday kids’ favorites that we have made more nutritious and very easy to prepare. All meal kits come with easy to follow recipe cards and have calorie count and macro nutrients indicated for each recipe.

Each Meal Kit contains fresh produce, sauces, condiments, and recipe cards for the step-by-step instructions. All produce are vacuum-packed and nitrogen-infused guaranteeing freshness and shelf life. Vegetables, sauces, condiments, and other ingredients are carefully packed to likewise ensure freshness. Ingredients are pre-measured and conveniently packed to guarantee zero wastage.

a. First, create a goGourmet Account by registering through the website.

b. Upon account creation, you will receive an email confirmation of your registered account.

c. After logging in, you can start viewing the Recipes Section and start selecting your recipes.

d. In the Recipes Section, click on View Details to see more information about your selected recipe such as Cooking Time, Expiry, Cuisine, Meal Type, Calorie Count, Nutritional Information, and Meal Kit content.

e. Click Add to Cart to include the recipe to your order. No minimum number of orders is required!

f. Once you are done selecting your orders, click on your Recipe Cart to review your order. You can add more recipes by clicking Continue Shopping.

g. To proceed with your order, click Checkout and accept the Terms & Conditions.

h. Confirm your delivery details and select your preferred delivery cycle and delivery date.

i. Once done, proceed to the Payment Page and click Place Your Order to submit your orders.

j. You will be sent an email summary of your Meal Kit order, Delivery Date, and Payment Instructions.

k. You will be directed to your Profile Page where your order summary will be reflected.

You can choose to pay using Dragonpay, Paypal, Over-the-Counter (OTC) banking or Online Funds Transfer to our bank accounts that will be provided.

Your Meal Kit will be delivered according to the following cycles and your chosen Delivery Date:

Cycle No. Order and Payment Cut-Off Period Delivery Date and Time
1 Friday, 1:00pm to Monday, 12:00nn Tuesday, 1:00pm-10:00pm
2 Monday, 1:00pm to Wednesday, 12:00nn     Thursday, 1:00pm-10:00pm
3 Wednesday, 1:00pm to Friday, 12:00nn Saturday, 1:00pm-10:00pm

Delivery time may vary depending on number of transactions on that given day.

As much as possible, we discourage any changes made after each successful order.

As much as possible, we discourage any changes made after each successful order as these will affect the expiry of the Meal Kits.

Should there be any changes made to your nominated delivery address, please send your request on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before 10:00am via email and SMS.

If you will not be around to personally receive your Meal Kit, please appoint a representative to receive it on your behalf. Please provide the name of the authorized representative to GoGourmet upon placing your order. Please provide a copy of any valid I.D. upon receipt of the Meal Kit.

Yay! It’s time to make magic happen. After opening your Meal Kit, read through the recipe card and start preparing the cooking instruments you need to prepare your meal. All ingredients inside each Meal Kit come with clear and specific instructions on storage, handling, and preparation.

Please make sure to follow instructions to ensure freshness and avoid spoilage. Take note that your Meal Kit should be consumed within the indicated Expiry Date. In the meantime, please follow indicated storage instructions for produce and other ingredients.

We highly encourage you to recycle and/or repurpose all goGourmet Meal Kit packaging.

Please visit to find out more on how to help. You have our full gratitude in doing your share in keeping our commitment to the sustainability of the environment.

In the Log In Section, click “I Forgot My Password” and we will send you an email on how to nominate a new password. Please take note of your password so you can access your goGourmet Account instantly.

For inquiries outside our FAQs, please email We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you need help with something not answered in the FAQs please send as an email at

At goGourmet, we make home cooking easy!