Meal Kits


Freshly-cooked food makes for a healthier, heartier meal. But given the pace of the 21st century and horrendous Manila traffic, we understand that it’s become difficult for many homes to serve nutritious food that’s newly-prepared. Many of us have turned to fast food, expensive food from restaurants, or reheating batch-cooked meals that has lessened nutritional value

We aim to contribute to the long-term physical and financial health of the Filipino family. Our solution: meal kits. A meal kit includes cooking instructions and the right amount of ingredients for the recipe. Just do a little more prep, then cook away! It's convenience food that's nutritious; it's restaurant food that’s lovingly-prepared at home.

goGourmet is glad to be the first in the Philippines to offer these ready-to-cook meal kits. And, through that, we hope to do our share in building happy and healthy Filipino homes

Everyday Meal Kits

Hey there, fellow parents! We know how busy weekday mornings can be for the whole family. That’s why we offer a special set of products called the “School Meal Kits.” They’re nutritious and easy to prepare, as our other meal kits are, and they’re also kid-friendly! Just perfect for those fast-paced school mornings. You can serve them as breakfast or pack them up as the kids’ baon.


School Meal Kits